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Kingsman Philanthropic Corp is a non-profit, 501c3 entity which provides services for missing women and children & victims of human trafficking.

Kingsman is comprised of security experts, mostly military veterans and retired law enforcement officers, who conduct recovery operations for missing & exploited women and children.


get involved


Every donation is used to send much needed help to women and children who are missing and/or are victims of human trafficking.


We are always looking for kind-hearted volunteers to help out. In the field and in the office, from legal assistance, to fundraisers, we appreciate the help.

Change a Life

We work directly with victims. Your donations/volunteer work are what make that possible. The Kingsman program has been changing lives since 2005.


Andi M. Wagner

IIf you have information on the whereabouts of Andi Wagner, please contact Brian Fitzgibbons at or 786-509-7135.


why we help



Each year in the United States, over 460,000 children are reported missing...



The sex trafficking industry in the United states is set to be greater than $100 billion by 2022...


how we help

Missing Persons

Human Trafficking



latest news

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our leadership

Michael Evans


Kingsman is an initiative created nearly 20 years ago by Michael Evans to combat egregious crimes against women and children. For more than a decade, USPA Nationwide Security's CEO has donated a large percentage of his firm's profits to rescue young children from human trafficking as well as women and children from domestic violence and abduction. Operating in 16 countries and counting, Kingsman is now expanding and Evans intends to open his program to other security companies in the hope that others will continue this operation long after he has retired. "The way I look at it - if I die tomorrow, the program dies with me. I can't let that happen" said Evans.

Daniel Manning


Dan currently serves as USPA Nationwide Security's CEO and works as the Chief of Staff for Kingsman. He screens cases for service and conducts all external-agency coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement. Manning is actively involved in the recovery service for women and children, managing a network of investigators and recovery agents across all 50 states and internationally.

David "Mike" Edwards


Edwards served in the United States Army for 22 years, with the majority of his time in the Army’s elite Tier-1 Special Mission Unit, the Regimental Reconnaissance Company (RRC). Among his awards are the Silver Star Medal, the nation’s 3rd highest award for Valor, the Purple Heart Medal, and the Legion of Merit.Edwards serves as the Director of VIP security for USPA he manages and advises the safety and protection of high-profile individuals and events. During the 2023 Art Basel he managed the event security for a fund raising event for Leonardo DiCaprio’s re:Wild an event that featured other celebrities such as Sean Penn, and Tom Brady. He also managed USPA’s projects for Google, Yves Saint Laurent and other high-profile events in Miami. During Art Basel, he led a team of close protection officers, former Rangers, and SEAL Team 6 veterans, from USPA’s Titanium Service (their most elite VIP security unit) to guard celebrities such as Madonna.For Kingsman, Edwards leads all special operations and high risk recoveries.

Brian Fitzgibbons


Fitzgibbons serves as the operational lead on all of Kingsman Philanthropic's recovery missions, and has a particular focus on missing persons.Fitzgibbons led Kingsman's rescue effort in a case that garnered national attention in 2022; his team's work resulted in successfully locating a missing 24-year-old Californian woman in December of 2022. More recently, he led another successful recovery operation in December of 2023, locating a missing 15-year-old girl from Florida, resulting in the arrest of an adult subject on numerous felony charges.Fitzgibbons regularly appears as an expert guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, a top ranked crime show that receives over 11 million downloads each month.Fitzgibbons served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Adam White


Adam is responsible for intelligence in support of our kidnap recovery, human trafficking and missing persons units. He provides analysis, direction of intelligence disciplines, and is liaison with the Intelligence Community. Adam graduated the US Army's
Counterintelligence Special Agent course at the top of his class and served as a Source Handler in both tactical and strategic assignments. Adam ran HUMINT and counterintelligence operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait focusing on the hunt for High Value Targets. As a Counterintelligence Agent, he also has experience in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America. Adam is a graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York with degrees in International Relations and Political Theory. He is a longtime resident and community leader of New York City where his work has focused on safeguarding infrastructure and consulting on frontier markets.
Mr. White has specialized training in Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation, Tactical Driving, Tactical Pistol, Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, and the MACH fighting system.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do victims (or their families) file with Kingsman?

Indirectly. For 15 years, women have reached out to USPA Nationwide Security and USPA International, looking for help with kidnappings, domestic violence, close protection for court appearances, static security outside of a victim’s home and assistance in locating children being trafficked. For 15 years, USPA provided these services for free. With the recent formation of this non-profit, we can now help ALL women and children in need.

Who is protecting and locating these women and children?

Military Veterans, Current and Former Law Enforcement Officers. USPA Nationwide has a network of 5,000+ security contractors who handle these and other assignments. Additionally, we have expanded this program to specialty security firms across the globe. When they get a call for service from a woman or child, they can now refer those services to Kingsman at no cost to the victim.

Who are Kingsman Leadership?

You can learn more about our leadership by clicking here: Kingsman Leadership.

How will my donation be used?

Your generous donation will be used to save a life. Whether it's human trafficking, domestic violence, kidnapping or food for victims we save, your money goes directly to operations. Our directors are not paid and there is no one receiving a salary.

A Message from Kingsman Philanthropic Corp
Founder, Mike Evans

Thank you for your interest in joining the cause.

Nearly 20 years ago, Kingsman began with a simple mission: to defend the defenseless. Since then, our team has grown. Our reach has grown. We have conducted operations across the world - from as far away as the Middle East to hometown, middle America.If you would like to inquire about being a part of our team, please send an email to: Be sure to include your background/resume.

We are currently seeking individuals with the following skill sets / backgrounds.

- Special Operations Military Veterans
- Former Law Enforcement
- Search & Rescue Specialists
- EMS/Medical Personnel
- Social Workers/ Counselors

How Does Kingsman Help?

Missing Persons Cases

Kingsman contractors, private detectives, military veterans, former and current law enforcement officers and volunteers join forces to locate missing women and children on seven continents.

Human Trafficking

Our Kingsman are not only security contractors, but they are also licensed private investigators, former detectives, special agents and military operators who locate victims of human trafficking and turn their findings over for prosecution.

Abduction Support

Since 2005, Kingsman (originally operating under USPA Nationwide Security) have been providing abduction support and kidnap recoveries. Kingsman operators protect women and children in areas where kidnapping and abduction are prevalent. We also dispatch teams of operators to locate and get victims back.

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of MIYA MARCANO use the confidential form below to submit your information to Kingsman.